Saturday, June 21, 2008


A new website has been launched.
This website is dedicated to Mair Rajput Community.
1. All members of Mair Rajput Community are invited to upload the profiles of their marriageable wards free of cost and search the matching profile free of cost. The site accepts portfolios of boys and girls belonging to Mair Rajput Community only.
2. An effort is being made to create a data base of all the members of Mair Rajput Community living anywhere in the world. Visit the site and enter your particulars free of cost.
3. A directory of members of Mair Rajput Community living in or around Chandigarh is being prepared which, after printing, shall be supplied to each Mair Rajput Family free of cost. If you are living in or around Chandigarh please enter your particulars online at this site free of cost.
4. News and events relating to Mair Rajput Community are high lighted and published on this site. All Mair Rajput Sabhas / Associations (any where from the world) are requested to send their news, details of events alongwith photo graphs by email or
5. Please send me your valueable suggestions and comments for improvement of this site.
Kanwaljit Singh Masaun